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Awesome Human Adriano Zumbo

In this COVID 19 special edition of Awesome Humans, we are interviewing an awesome guest from our home studio on the Gold Coast. We sat down with the star of Zumbo Just Desserts, King of desserts and Prince of patisserie Adriano Zumbo.

Adriano shared his life story, from his earliest childhood passion for football, to how he discovered his love and passion for cooking sweets. Having been inspired by his parent's hard work, Adriano success had been driven by his parents. Following the values of their hard work and passion, which gives him and his family a better life. Leaving his hometown for Sydney to complete his apprenticeship for four years, he learned the ins and outs of becoming a successful chef.

Adriano admits that having been thrown in the deep in more than once was the best way for this celebrity chef to learn. By getting his hands dirty and just getting in there… and it paid off.

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