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Welcome to the New Website and Blog!

Welcome to the all new

So I have finally got around to updating the website and my new blog. The good thing about me being able to do this is that I can now start to promote myself more as a speaker - storyteller and mentor. This is the future of Brett McCallum and this is what I love to do. So as the shoe brand says "Just Do it".

So the website is broken down into sections and will be expanded as the year and years go on.

- Firstly it is all about my favorite subject - ME this tells a bit of my story and hopefully an insight into what you can expect from me.

- Social Media - I am continually building a brand on Social Media and I am continuing to assist others obtain their goals using these platforms.

- Speaking - I am building a professional career as a Speaker and MC and as time progresses there will be a lot more video content that is put into this part of the website. I speak on a number of topics including:

- Digital Disruption and how the Cloud will effect your business, how you can harness this and make your business global with the flick of a mouse.

- Real Estate Sales using Social Media - The world has changed and Real Estate sales need to change with it. I will show you how to become a media company in your own right and sell every house you have on your books.

- Social Influence - How social influencers are the new Marketing tool of the future and how anyone can make a living off Social marketing

- Fail Forward - I have failed many times in business and during this discussion i show you all of the ways I have lost lots of money and how not to do that. Also I will show you how we bounced back and always do form failure. Failure sucks arse but it is also common. Embrace it and move forward

- My life as a Startup Mentor - We go on a journey of all of the good, bad and ugly that is in the startup world. I am brutally honest when it comes to all things especially Startups as I do not want you to mortgage the house for a good idea that family and friends say is amazing but really is a big pile of dog shit. I can show you how to raise funds and indeed if you actually need funds.

- Q & A - This is my favorite form of speaking engagement no topic is off limits and I will have an opinion on everything. I am happy to provide advice and guidance but also talk about my other loves. Sport, Politics, Me, and life in general. The world is changing and I am keen for us to change with it. No more Pencils, No more books, No more teachers dirty looks, when the office rings the bell grab your bags and run like hell!.

- Bretts Blog - This has been going for a few years now and I have put some of the posts I like across to this new site. Some opinions on things that happened and also some memories. I am going to blog a lot more and voice my opinion so watch this space for more.

- Contact - This is how you can get in touch with me.

So I hope you enjoy the new site. Come back often as it will keep on changing as more content is created.

Big Luv


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