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Awesome Human Tara Gripton

In this COVID 19 special edition of Awesome Humans, we are interviewing some awesome guest from our home studio on the Gold Coast. Host Brett McCallum sat down with his cousin Tara who also is an Australia Power Lifting Champion. Tara has been breaking records around the world and even taking home gold in the squat and the deadlift.

Tara was born and raised in Bulli. Today she resides in Wollongong, not far from her hometown. Tara has always been a sports lover. Having competed in sporting events and activities throughout High School, Tara discovered her love for sports. Having left school in year 11, Tara went to undertake a course in beauty school. Deciding that wasn't for her Tara found another passion aside from powerlifting, cooking. With her love for cooking, Tara went and took over her parents’ business a café. Tara is continuing to work in the hospitality industry today while also continuing her training for powerlifting.

There is more to Tara's story than just lifting weights. Tara opens up about her personal life, including what kind of kid she was in high school to how much her life had changed since powerlifting back in 2017. She shares about the places she has visited, and today Tara is still competing and training for comps but due to the impact of Covid-19 her comp date in October has yet to be decided.

Click the play button below to listen to more of the awesome human's story of Tara Gripton from the comfort of her home during COVID-19.

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