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Embrace The Fail: Bouncing Forward

In Embrace The Fail, McCallum attempts to debunk the idea that failure is bad and should be avoided at all costs. In fact, you should hope to fail in pursuit of a great life. Drawing on his own failures - beginning at high school and repeating between successful ventures - Brett McCallum takes you on an optimistic and personal journey that's a must-read for all ages. This book shares his decades of entrepreneurial experience, as well as practical daily steps so you too, can Embrace the Fail to maximise success.


Brett also shares the life lessons of his heroes: eight of the last century's greatest successes in business, music, and sport, whom all used failure to bounce higher than anyone else. Failing has never looked so good. This book proves that it's how you fail that really counts.

"Brett McCallum takes you on his entrepreneurial journey with an authenticity that is rare today, and shows even the greatest men of the last century failed repeatedly. An empowering and practical guide to life."

- Ronnie Altit, CEO and Co-Founder, Insentra.



“This book is about how Brett McCallum has succeeded in life because of his failures, not despite of them."

– Nick Bowditch, Author of Reboot Your Thinking.


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