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Awesome Human David Thorpe

In this COVID-19 special edition of 'Awesome Humans', we are interviewing some awesome guests from our home studio on the Gold Coast, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In today's episode, host Brett McCallum sat down with ex-pro snowboarder David Thorpe. David knows better than anyone what it takes to stay focused and dedicated. Having completed an engineering cadetship with Australian Airlines back in his early career, David also travelled and competed in pro snowboarding competition around the world.

David’s awesome story starts from when he was born in Tennant Creek, in the Northern Territory. David shares his earliest memory, taking us back to his family holidays to Phillip Island. David opens up about his family life and the impact his family had on him and the values his father imprinted on his professional career. David in his younger years grew up surrounded by water, having learnt to surf and becoming one of the few surfers to grow up on the Murray River although, David always felt a special connection with the mountains. Having fallen in love with the mountains at Falls Creek, David discovered his skill and passion for snowboarding.

Today David still has continued his work for Malibu Boats, after working for the company full time for the last ten years in Sales and Marketing and creating, The Malibu Just Ride Tour.

So, What’s next for David Thorpe? Anything challenging and something he is passionate about.

Click the play button below to listen to the awesome human's story of David Thorpe, from the comfort of his home during COVID-19.

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