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Awesome Human Ben May

In this COVID 19 special edition of Awesome Humans, we are interviewing some awesome guest from our home studio on the Gold Coast. Host, Brett McCallum sat down with hospitality guru and owner of the Burleigh Pavilion Ben May to hear his Awesome Humans story.

Ben starts his story off by talking about his family. Ben talks about his mother, father and siblings. Ben's successful career was influenced by his father, having a successful career himself and influenced by his father's hard work and dedication during his early life.

Ben’s story wasn’t just influenced by hospitality. Having played rugby for Australia before discovering is a passion for the hospitality industry, Ben was going to become a builder before moving to Swaziland and studying hospitality management there. Some might call Ben a serial pub owner, having opened his first pub the Light Brigade in Paddington back in 1997. Ben discovered his passion and love and continued to open pubs across Sydney and now on the Gold Coast.

Today Ben is like many business owners across Australia that is feeling the impact of COVID-19. With the closure of all clubs and bars across Australia, Ben had no choice but to shut down his pubs and bars due to COVID-19. Despite the stress and worry, Ben continues to stay positive and knows there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and he will be opening his doors again soon.

Click the play button below to listen to the awesome human's story of Ben May from the comfort of his father’s home in Noosa.

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