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Awesome Human David Westgate

In this COVID-19 special edition of 'Awesome Humans', we are interviewing some awesome guests from our home studio on the Gold Coast. In today's episode, we address an important issue that affects many Australians today. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, Australians around the country have seen a deterioration in their mental health. Host Brett McCallum sat down with mental health speaker David Westgate as he shares his story. David's career has been within the advertising industry for 35 years before he decided to take a different path and pursue a career as a keynote speaker for the Black Dog Institute. David has had a successful career while also suffering from bipolar one.

Having grown up with mental health issues within his family, David knows better than anyone what it's like to have your life impacted by mental health. This lead David's passion for helping others deal with their mental health. Aside from the Black Dog Institute, David is an instructor for Mental Health First Aid Australia, where he learnt all about mental health and how to help others assist treatment. David also enjoys writing which lead to creating a website, where he could share his teachings and ideas with others. David aim is to help others control and deal with their mental health and not to have their mental health control them.

Today David resides in Sydney with his wife. He is continuing to work for The Black Dog Institute as a mental health speaker, while also following his passion for helping others deal with their mental health.

Click the play button below to listen to the awesome human's story of David Westgate, from the comfort of his home during COVID-19.

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