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Awesome Human Libby Harward

In this COVID 19 special edition of Awesome Humans, we are interviewing some awesome guest from our home studio on the Gold Coast. Host, Brett McCallum sat down with conceptual visual artists and street artist, Libby Harward.

Libby is a descendant from the Ngugi people from Mulgumpin, Moreton Island and a proud Indigenous artist.

Libby starts her story off by taking us back to her childhood home at the age of three. She remembers and reflects on the memories she shared with her younger brother before his passing. Having grown up in Brisbane, Queensland and her father, a proud indigenous from Stradbroke Island Libby has always felt a special connection to saltwater, her people and her culture.

Libby shares her battle with drugs and alcohol and the influence it had on her perspective of life and her artwork. While also sharing the impact other artists, and mentors have had on her successful work and career. Like most Australians, Libby has been productive during the COVID-19 pandemic, by keeping busy on an upcoming project that involved her getting in touch with her land, her people and her family.

Today Libby resits on the Gold Coast, close to the saltwater. She chooses to focus on the positive impact of COVID-19, including the changes in the local environment and wildlife that surround our beautiful land.

Click the play button below to listen to the full story of this awesome human's, Libby Harward from the comfort of her home on the beautiful Gold Coast.

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