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Awesome Human Richard Reid

In this COVID 19 special edition of Awesome Humans, we are interviewing some awesome guests from our home studio on the Gold Coast. Host and reality TV watcher, Brett McCallum sat down with gossip guru Richard Reid.

Most of us remember Richard as he was crowned King of the jungle in the 2019 series of I’m a Celebrity on channel 10. Although this interview doesn’t consist of a tucker trial or eating any exotic animals from South Africa, Richard shared his awesome human's story. Richard takes us back to where it all begins, back in his home in Salem Oregon. He shares his childhood memories with his older brother and younger sister. Richard gives us an insight into the kind of kid he was in school, was he into sports or drama? Richard’s story continues as he discovers his love for acting, with his big break in Hollywood starring in commercials for Burger King as a waiter, until he found a new spotlight.

His television career started when Richard entered a university program to learn about broadcasting and media. He completed an internship that leaded to him becoming an overnight writer. Richard’s newfound love leaded to him working in media and journalism and the plan to move to Australia to pursue a new chapter in his career.

Today Richard divides his time between Sydney, Australia and America. He currently works with Studio Ten doing what he does best, giving us the goss. Click the play button below to listen to the awesome human's story of Richard Reid from the comfort of his home.

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