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Awesome Human Clinton Schultz

Today's awesome human is Clinton Schultz, a man who continuously strives to better the world one day at a time. Clinton has had a very interesting life. Out of highschool Clinton became a chef, travelling around the world, he is also an aspiring Ninja Warrior staring on the show twice, but unfortunately getting injured during the trials on both occasions! A Jack of all trades, Clinton has also focused his energies toward helping his community.

Clinton went on to earn a PHD in Psychology, and today Clinton is currently one of only 20 male practicing Aboriginal psychologists in Australia. In 2010, he opened his own consultancy company, focusing on holistic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander approaches to mental health, focusing on emotional, social, and cultural well-being through therapy. In 2018 he was also named Griffith University's Outstanding First Peoples Alumni Award.

Through some personal struggles and wins Clinton, alongside his wife, Lozen, in 2017 founded Sobah, Australia's first non-alcoholic craft beer company. Clinton’s passion for cooking and love of beer led to this venture, and it was through these passions Clinton came to create a non-alcoholic beer for the social drinker.

But this non-alcoholic beverage is just one small part of the Sobah company, Sobah is also striving to establish a not-for-profit holistic centre providing holistic care for people struggling with mental illness in the near future.

So click on the play button below and listen in on Clinton’s experiences as a proud Indigenous man and as a trained psychologist providing holistic, traditional therapy for people in his community.

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