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Awesome Human Nicole Robson

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I am joined by the energetic Nicole Robson this week on Awesome Humans and she is packing all the punches on this one.

We talk about growing up in the small country town of Tyagarah near Mullumbimby to finding herself in the Red Centre. We discuss real world issues that many of us go through like depression and burnout, break-ups and new love.

Nicky, a personal trainer at 12RND Fitness, wants to “make bitches happy” by concentrating on their physical and mental wellbeing. Keep an eye out for Nicky's new brand, Nixx, and her new business which encompasses all things in the holistic health space including personal training, personal development, nutrition, lifestyle coaching and mentoring.

With a massive hunger to inspire humans - especially empower women - Nicky is on a mission to get out of her own comfort zone and create a supportive space for women to become their best selves.

Check out her raw-authentic and relatable personality on this week's podcast.

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