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Awesome Humans Podcast 5 Chris Dickson

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Chris Dickson is a registered psychologist with more than 15 years experience. When he met me, A very attractive Entrepreneur with a lot of issues including ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Social Issues, Mild Depression and a lot of other ailments that had be previously diagnosed, he knew his world had changed (Hopefully for the better). Chris was the first person to ever diagnose me with what is actually wrong with me. I am afraid of Boredom. Since we have been seeing each other on a regular basis Chris has taught me how to mediate, become one with myself and actually enjoy slowing down a little. I have a long way to go to become the person I want to be however this bloke has changed my life. In this podcast we speak about all things in his life, my life and now assisting this great man move forward and help other Entrepreneurs actually slow down and become better people. Hope You enjoy Chris Dickson a bloody Awesome Human!!

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