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#inspiredaily reaches 293 days

On August 24th 2016 I woke up with a different sense of life in my body. I decided that I wanted to start to inspire myself. I thought if I could start to inspire others at the same time then that would also be a bonus. So I started to post my #inspiredaily quotes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The first day I got two comments about how people agreed with the post. This was pretty cool as I was not doing this for anyone else but only me. As the days went on it started to become a ritual and now I can proudly say that I have not missed a day over the past 155 days. Even over Christmas when I had my digital hiatus I planned for this and posted for the 9 days I would be away.

I really get a kick out of doing these and now it is time to take the next step and start to put some of my own quotes in my posts. So I am getting busy on CANVA starting to design my own daily #inspiredaily quotes to mix in with others I find inspirational.

Still to this day my favorite quote is simple - Don't be a Dick!

I am noticing that I am getting a lot more views and people are sharing the content so I hope that I am helping you just a little bit each day and hopefully you will be inspired to join the Non Negative revolution. Take your own action to make a difference in this world because there is only one person who you can blame if you don't. Yourself.

So get off your arse and have a crack (see what I did there) you only get one life so smash it up people!

Keep inspired and keep looking out for #inspiredaily

Big Luv


I look forward to the next

  • 25,315,200 seconds

  • 421,920 minutes

  • 7032 hours

  • 293 days

  • 41 weeks and 6 day

Or 293 Days!

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