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After being congratulated by a Hawaiian waitress for having such polite and kind children, Brett McCallum, serial entrepreneur, CEO and Dad, sat down to ponder whether he was just ‘lucky’ that his children turned out so well, or was it the discipline and respect he and his wife showed to them that turned them into amazing little humans…


This book is the culmination of that pondering and discusses the raft of influences that affect our children in both negative and positive ways during their day to day lives.


With input from a school principal with over 30 years’ experience, a couple experiencing new parenthood, a single dad bringing up 3 kids on his own and a physiologist specialising in children’s behaviour, Brett aims to answer the age-old question – ‘are kid’s born *ssholes?’


Some people might be offended by the title, but Brett thinks that’s a good thing! He didn’t write this book for the faint-hearted – it’s for those parents who’re determined to raise kids to become the most awesome little humans they can be.


Brett takes the view that the unique problems of kids today didn’t just happen in a vacuum.  Instead, we have stood by and watched it happen.


The question now is: What are we going to do about it?


“A serious book about serious parenting while being presented in the most entertaining and enlightening way from a real hands-on parent and a speaker for the future of our next generations…Brett is the champion our future needs and what our present desperately wants to learn…5 stars…Brilliant…” Colin, Indiebook Reviewer

Kids Aren't Born @!*Holes | Second Edition

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