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Awesome Human Michael Clark

Michael is on the Dent global leadership team, a business accelerating company which has achieved massive success. In his first year, he took a company from one million to 11 million pounds. From there, he's taken companies and turned them into multimillion-dollar enterprises and even built an exclusive partnership with LinkedIn where only sales reps could recommend their services across Europe. Not to mention serving brands such as Canon, Barclays, American Express, and Deloitte, he's also a successful businessman, a loving father and husband, and an author of the novel ‘Key Person of Influence’.

So, click the play button below and tune in today to hear what Michael has to say about business, success and the life lessons he’s learned over the years. If you get a chance you can even check out Michael’s webinars at: to get a more in depth insight into what it takes to make your business a success.

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