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Awesome Human Steve Liddell

Featuring on Today’s Awesome Human Podcast is none other than Steve Liddell, previous national major of Tristar Sporting Surfaces and the best redhead in the business. He launched TSS in 2011 and was able to retire early at the dreamt of age of 42. Steve also happens to be a father of two, becoming a parent at just 20 years of age, Steve values family and holds close to his heart the lessons his father taught him before he sadly passed when Steve was just becoming a father himself. Aside from his successful work life, Steve played in the National Rugby League in America from 2004 to 2005 for the Connecticut Wildcats. Steve has always been passionate about sport and it was whilst playing Rugby in the states on asphalt, that he realised there was a lot of money to be made in Australia and abroad.

Throughout Steve's career, he's created sports courts for governments, councils and the private sector and even travelled the world to create sports courts in Singapore and Dubai and in 2002 he received a bravery award whilst living in Perth, as well as a Spirit award the same year for saving a man’s life.

Click the play button and hear about Steve’s life, experiences, dynamic career and how he became the successful athlete and businessman he is today.

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