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Awesome Human Ryan Baker

On today’s podcast, we are joined by none other than awesome human Ryan Baker. A champion of mental health and wellbeing, entrepreneur, strategic planner, public speaker, and all round great guy; Ryan Baker is the brains and director behind Breaking Through, a retreat based in the stunning Byron Bay focusing on personal growth, nutrition and health. The goal of the retreat is to bring people out of their self-doubt into a place of personal fulfillment with zero judgment, allowing participants to take away valuable tools and skills to improve mental health and embrace a positive outlook on life. Ryan works to promote a fun and interactive environment through learning and personal growth.

Ryan provides an in-depth insight into male behaviours and the importance of developing healthy tools to help men better share and deal with their emotions, reducing male suicide rates and overcoming past traumas.

Today’s podcast isn't an easy one to hear but it is an important one to listen to. So, click the play button below and hear what Ryan has to say about promoting mental health in both are working and personal lives.

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