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Awesome Human Michael Lane

The team at Podfire had the privilege of being joined by none other the Michael Lane, one of Australia’s most successful businessmen and leading entrepreneurs. One of his major triumphs to date has been Success Resources, the world’s largest education seminar company. Its impact has been so huge worldwide, that the company is even listed on the Australian stock exchange.

With his go-getter attitude and years of experience, today’s podcast is all about Michael's journey through both success and failure. Michael speaks honestly about his failures and the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people, being goal orientated and focused, understanding how you work best to determine the type of work and learning that you should be doing.

Michael's entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to keep trying different businesses and areas of specialization, highlighting that being a consumer and knowing what a consumer wants is just as important as being able to sell the product or promote your business. Michael speaks to the importance of creating a positive atmosphere for the staff you employ to help them create and follow their passion. Michael details his views on business operation and the key roles that are needed to balance and grow any business into success through strategy and execution. Listen in to today’s podcast, and hear the useful and in depth knowledge of one of the greatests.

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