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The Third Beer - Justin Gambino

Justin Gambino was a victim of domestic violence. He joins myself and my good friend Chris Dickson, our resident therapist, to discuss an issue that men tend to shy away from, being victims of domestic violence from a women.

Justin explains the gruelling process of multiple court proceedings, false claims made against him, having to protect his two daughters throughout all of this but positively though, how he ultimately came out a happier man in the end.

I haven’t got the highest opinion of solicitors (which some of you may already know!) so I’m already a huge fan of Justin since he decided to leave the ones representing him and represent himself when they were less interested in the truth and more interested in prolonging the case (I wonder why…).

We discuss all of these great topics and more so join us while we crack open a few cold ones and talk (or maybe slur) on The Third Beer.

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