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The Third Beer - Jason Darrington

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Happy New Year! Our first episode for 2019 is with my favourite co host and therapist Chris Dickson, and special guest Jason Darrington. Jason has worked with Porsche in England and China for 10+ years and moved to Australia last year with his wife Dominica and four kids. I have four kids too. Hang on! Chris has four kids as well. What a crazy coincidence. Jason is also cofounder of Parenthoodlum, a community for parents to share and learn whilst navigating the crazy and amazing job of raising children.

In this show Jason shares his special life story and leads to why him and his wife started Parenthoodlum. The three of us as fathers’ banter over a bevy about kids and social media, nurture vs nature, and much more. If you’ve been listening along so far, Chris and I update you on what has happened in our lives since the last episode. There are always a few laughs because if we didn’t laugh at life we’d probably cry, especially if Paul Kelly comes on the radio (more on that story). Join us for the The Third Beer podcast where we talk about things men don’t often talk about.

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