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Awesome Humans Podcast 9 Scotty Fields

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I really connected with Scotty because we both had tough school days due to attention difficulties. We both failed high school. Now Scotty is living in LA about to live in the same burb as The Kardashians and The Biebers – what a legend of a career that’s still going! Scotty’s sung live for millions and to the world’s greatest musicians and celebrities at huge fundraising galas. These days Scotty has even managed to diversify his work so he can stay closer to his wife by flipping houses in America with a life-long Aussie mate. Awesome!

Scotty has a lot of stories to tell and one I wanted to know about was how he met the late Verne ‘Mini Me’ Troyer at several of these fund-raising galas. Hope you enjoy this Awesome Human!!

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