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OOPs I just blogged my pants

It is becoming a bit of a habit I start to blog and write and speak and get all excited that I am going to finally start sharing with the world my talents and then I get busy. I ramble and rant a bit on Social media and I post daily at least but the thing I like to do is tell stories about me and my life as well as cool shit that I see every now and then.

So this is it you heard it here first I am going to try once again to blog a lot more.

No Promises just me and the random 10 minutes i get here and there to have a rant or a ramble and I will post them. Uncut and real.

This year I am also going to start a video blog and a podcast so watch out for those. I have some amazing guests lined up for both media forms that you will love love love.

So I cannot wait for you to see it and hope you enjoy the rambles.

Signing of f for the first of many this year

Big Luv


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