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Commitment stays the same 2 years on...

UPDATE: It is funny how life stays the same in a lot of senses. I could have written this today as I sit here and read it I am still very much the same. On the mission to medium, Not blogging enough and also the book is still not published. So lets actually do this now. My commitment is to make the following happen by the end of this year 2017. (Lets see how I go)

Originally posted August 21, 2015.

So at the start of the year I made a couple of commitments

  • I would blog a lot more #blogmostdays

  • I would go on my quest of “Mission to Medium” Where I would end up in a medium shirt by the end of the year.

  • I would have my book finished mid year.

So here is the update I have not blogged since 20th Feb and I have lost a heap of weight and put some of it back on.

That’s is about it for me. We could go down the excuse path of Life got in the way, I was too busy or I was just plain lazy. The latter not even being close as I am far from Lazy, it is hard to be lazy when you have ADD!!

So what has actually happened?

The blogging part was that I originally set myself some time each day to blog. It is still in my diary however I just hit cancel on that each day as I am doing something else. And I have just not done it. I have been thinking about it each day and wanting to do it but things got in the road. So I am remaking my commitment from today. I am going to #blogmostdays I am going to make the effort and I am going to fill my little world with words of wisdom, random crap that comes into my head and experiences I have had, now, before and in the future. I write as I expect no one will ever read it and I can remind myself of what is happening in my world. The funny thing is that as age creeps up on us we sometimes need this stuff written down so we actually remember it!

So Next-

Mission to medium – We have had a bit of a setback on this one. Weight loss is 100% a mental thing if you are not ready to do it or you have doubts then it will never happen. I am pretty happy in my life at the moment and have been for a while however it is interesting when you actually look at your mind and the way it works what blocks we put up in regards to weight loss and being happy within.

I lost nearly 20kgs early in the year and I was pretty happy got myself into a Large shirt (only one size to go) and then life got in the way again. An injury meant my training got a kick in the guts and my head got in the way and I went back to eating crap and drinking soft drink. Bring back the XL shirt from the back of the cupboard. Now looking at this I realise that this has always been about progression and not perfection and who cares if I get back into 1 size bigger as long as I don’t go back to where I was back to the XXL and I get back on track. Hell they can put a train back on the tracks after it is derailed so they can put me back on. I may be a big boy but I am not as heavy as a train!

Back on track now an getting the mind ready and the eating better. No more soft drink. Actually a good thought on this. I found out yesterday that a 600ml Coke bottle can hold $2,000 in $2 coins so every time I feel like a soft drink I put $2 into the bottle. I have already put in $10 this week. So seems to be working!

Last but not least is the book – “I failed and so did they” #embracethefail

I am 278 pages into the book and getting back into the writing so this WILL be done and ready for editing in the next 2 months. Hopefully then I can publish it then and we can tick that achievement off. Watch this space

After all of this time I just realised

Oops I just Blogged!

Until the words hit the page again

Big Luv

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