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#HaynePlane or Media Drain!!


October 13, 2015

So the haters are gunna hate but I had to do it…..

Yes that is right I am completely over the #HaynePlane and what it is all about. The guys was an amazing Rugby League, Yes that is correct Rugby League player not Rugby player as he keeps getting called by the US media. He was one of our best now he has gone over for a crack at another sport. Well done to him and I am keen to see him succeed in the pressure football of the NFL. He has done an amazing job getting there and he deserves all of the accolades he gets when he actually does something.

We do not need to know that he sat on the bench for half a game and did nothing. Why are we celebrating that this bloke ran 8 metres and nearly scored! Once again taking nothing away from his achievements to date but has he actually achieved anything? Yes he made the 50 man roster of an NFL team and yes this is awesome but did you know that he is not the only Australian Player in the NFL. Did you know that he has now played against two other aussies who are Punters Jordan Berry and Brad Wing these ex AFL players have skills and have actually achieved something in the sport to date!

Did you know that there is a 25 year old Brisbane boy who plays for the Seattle Seahawks who is one of the brightest up and coming stars in all the NFL and he has just survived a cancer scare? (Where is the media on that one?) Jesse Williams the MONSTA is HUGE in the US and we have heard about 5 minutes about him in Australia over the past few years.

Williams was taken in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft with the 137th overall selection by the Seattle Seahawks. Williams signed a 4 year/$2.37 million contract, including a $211,052 signing bonus, $211,052 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $592,763. First native Australian to win a Super Bowl ring after Seattle's victory in Super Bowl XLVIII

He has won a bloody Super Bowl Ring!! But the #HaynePlane ran 8 metres and nearly scored!!

So once again I am not taking anything off Jarryd Hayne and the achievement he has made to get to the big show on his $100k a year contract. He has done an awesome job and his family should be very proud. The issue I have is with the hype and the media it is now going way too far. Why do we need to know every waking moment of what this bloke does, what about the other Aussie champions making it big in the NFL? What about all of the other amazing athletes and business people around the world from this great country who are achieving big time lets share the love.

This is a master stroke of the 49ers to get a whole country behind one of the worst teams in the NFL they have picked up millions of fans and sold a lot of shirts off the back of it and who knows he will probably end up getting a Superbowl ring in years to come however it is not happening now, not likely in the future and for all those real NFL fans out there who love the sport (I am one of those) sit back relax and lets watch this young bloke get smashed up and reported daily on the news. Go the Giants!!!

***Breaking News *** San Francisco, USA 5:15am this morning Jarryd Hayne turned over in his bed and farted. Lucky he got that out so he could make another punt return with a little less wind in his stomach!

The world has gone mad!

Rant over

NOTE: Since this Blog he has gone on to play 7's rugby for Fiji and made a triumphant return to the NRL. He is now in his second year at the Titans on the Gold Coast and is back playing for NSW. He is a champion and I still believe it was a wasted opportunity in the USA he could have gone down as one of the best exports in Australia but he could have also gone onto raise the awareness of the NFL in Australia. Good luck Mr Hayne.

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