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Controversial - My take on the Bali Executions


This was from 2 years ago. I still do not feel anything different....

February 20, 2015

So the controversy is about to begin. I will have haters and I will have people who agree but do not want to let people know they agree. To me it does not matter. I speak my mind and I believe in what I believe in. So here we go.

Shoot them dead!

Yep that is right they committed a crime that they knew the consequences for what they were doing if they got caught. What would have happened if all of those drugs got onto the street and killed others. Drugs are not good for you and there is a reason that it is illegal. There is a reason that there is the death penalty and if you break the law then you live with the consequences.

Don’t get me wrong I feel for the families and if it was my kids I would also be doing everything possible to keep them alive for sure. I feel for the parents and families and they need to know what they have done to their friends and families. The suffering for making a number of decisions is unbelievable and I would not wish that on anyone.

You also need to look at the AFP and ask the question why did they let them get on the flight. This is due to the fact they were after the big guys. They have said this all along. The problem here is that these two guys have never given the big guys up. They have never come forward with who they are so if you wanted to save your own life to then keep the family from grief then come forward and fix the problem.

Personally I am a true believer in an eye for an eye. Trust me if someone touched my kids I would do the time. Paedophiles, international drug smugglers, murderers should all be strung up and made to suffer as the people who they have caused harm to in the past.

They say it is a terrible mistake from two young men who coaxed friends and Mules into helping them. They have been reformed and it was a one off. BULLSHIT is all I can say these guys had done plenty of runs to Bali and who knows how many of those drugs have hurt others.

Shoot the dead and let it be a lesson to all other countries DO NOT TRAFFIC NARCOTICS anywhere let alone a country with the death penalty.

Rant over have a nice day


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