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My Old Man - Happy Birthday Pops

So 71 years ago today my old man was born. We lost him 13 years ago but not a day goes by where I do not miss him. As a kid we had an interesting relationship where I was also ways looking to him for approval. He was a generous bloke and a good bloke who loved a beer (a bit too much, actually a lot too much) and he worked hard to feed his family.

The work ethic as a young bloke was given to him from his father and this has been passed down through the years from father to son. Go out work hard and you will be ok. My Dad did this and he got us through child hood and he made us into great men as we are today. My brother went out and worked on the tools and did a hard day’s work. Like father like son (in a lot more ways than could be imagined).

As for me I went the other way. I always thought it would be easier to work smart and not too hard and then the world will be a good place. This seem to go ok for me and although I work hard mentally some days the physical side never really was my thing.

So today we remember my Dad, Pops as I called him or the big fella he was also known and we pay tribute to all those blokes who go out and work hard to feed their families. We never were rich as kids but we never missed out. Thanks Dad love you mate xxx

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